AirCooly Review: Experience A Chill Breeze with the Unique Portable Air Cooler

The temperature of our homes is critical for us to sleep peacefully, and we all know how important quality sleep is for maintaining a healthy body and mind. It is critical to adjust your house temperature correctly, especially during the summer and winter seasons. During the summer, if the house feels like an oven, it can cause a variety of health problems such as dehydration, lack of concentration, and irritability. This is why portable air cooler are becoming more popular.

Don't Allow Summer Heat To Ruin Your Mood! Time To Stay Cool And Relaxed Even On The Hottest Days.

Introducing AirCooly

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AirCooly is a personal air cooling device that effectively cools and humidifies the air in your surroundings while remaining reasonably priced.

The humidifying cool-mist feature of AirCooly distributes cool, toxin-free airflow throughout the house. AirCooly’s humidifier component ensures that moisture is returned to the environment. Those who suffer from skin and breathing issues may find that this device adds an extra layer of protection.

Air coolers, such as AirCooly, are extremely simple to use. Open the device’s lid, fill it with water, and close it. The AirCooly can be started in a matter of seconds. It has a USB power source, but once charged, it does not need to be plugged in. The temperature in your home will then be regulated by AirCooly.

Furthermore, the AirCooly may make it easier for you to breathe. Cool, moist air is easier to breathe than hot, dry air, and you’ll be able to reduce outside allergens by having a cool environment without having to open the windows.

A 2-in-1 powerful Portable Air Cooler!

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The unique size of AirCooly is the first thing that anyone notices. Unlike traditional heavy and bulky coolers, this air cooler is lightweight and compact. This will allow you to carry it anywhere without difficulty!

What’s more exciting is that it operates in complete silence. AirCooly can run for hours without making any noise. Having a portable and quiet cooler is fantastic news. Why? Because it can be used while sleeping or during long-term study sessions. Finally, you can say goodbye to those obnoxious and loud fans!

Even better, this fantastic cooler is USB rechargeable. In other words, you won’t have to deal with tangled cables and cords. You can also put it anywhere, from your bedside table to your office table!

Last but not least, thousands of users have described AirCooly as one of the most cost-effective devices. This air cooler has a long runtime while consuming little energy!

Main Features Of AirCooly Portable Air Cooler

Different fan options

Finally, you don’t have to put up with uncomfortable temperatures. Choose your preferred intensity and relax as a cool breeze blows your way!

Two misting modes

To keep the air around you moist, switch between continuous and intermittent misting. Both options are equally safe because the device automatically turns off the moisturising after a set number of hours.

Efficient moisturizing

It can be difficult to relax in your personal space when you are surrounded by dry air. It’s time to chill out with AirCooly!

Silent operation

Traditional fans and coolers, with their annoying noises, are a thing of the past. AirCooly can operate without disturbing you while you sleep or work!

USB rechargeable

Forget about the complicated cords that irritate you. This cooler can be recharged via USB cable, making life much easier for the user!

Refreshing breeze

Staying cool and relaxed is essential whether at home or at work. This cooler can provide you with a refreshing breeze without breaking the bank!

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Pros & Cons of Portable Air Cooler


  • Provides effective cooling.
  • Ensures a refreshing air breeze.
  • Instant cooling.
  • Water tank refilling is simple.
  • Comes with an integrated humidifier.
  • Does not make noise while working.
  • Easy to use.
  • Three levels of fan speeds
  • Strong motor
  • Comes with a charging USB
  • Long-lasting battery
  • Small in size
  • Ergonomically intended for solace.


  • Availability of limited stocks.

  • Only available from the official website


Is it easy to use?

One thing is certain: incorporating AirCooly into your daily routine will be far easier than you think. Here are some basic steps you can take to make the most of it:

  • Check that the device is fully charged. It can be charged using your phone adaptor, laptop, or power bank!
  • Fill the cartridge with clean, fresh water. AirCooly’s cartridge is located at the bottom.
  • Place the cooler in your preferred location. Because of its small size, this can go anywhere!
  • Select the desired fan speed. To activate the lowest setting, flip the switch upwards. Toggle it again for medium speed, and a third time for maximum speed. It is entirely up to you!
  • Choose your preferred level of moisture. By pressing the button downwards, you can switch the device to continuous misting mode. You can press it again to switch to the intermittent mode.
  • In both cases, AirCooly has a safety feature that turns off the misting mode after a set number of hours.

Is AirCooly Air Cooler Legitimate?

The AirCooly air cooler is a genuine and legal cooling system. It is most emphatically not a scam. Numerous users from all over the world continue to attest to its superior cooling capability. This portable air cooler is only available from the official website. You will thus receive the actual product at the best price.

Price of AirCooly

You can also pick the colour on the official website. The pricing of AirCooly goes like this:

  • Buy one AirCooly at $89
  • Buy two AirCooly at $139
  • Buy four AirCooly at $219

The AirCooly device comes with a 30 day guarantee of money back. A complete replacement or refund of the AirCooly device is issued to the customers who claim to be not satisfied with the cooling device but the user needs to bear the shipping cost of the return.

TIP: The high discount indicates that they are running out of stock soon. We strongly recommend that you buy as fast as possible!

Where Can I Buy It?

AirCooly can only be purchased from the manufacturer’s dedicated website. If you’re new to online shopping, don’t be concerned. Even for inexperienced buyers, the process can be relatively quick and simple. What you must do is as follows: