AOMEI: Partition Manager, Backup and Restore, and System Clone

What is AOMEI?

AOMEI is a leading provider of PC backup and data management solutions, offering a range of software tools to help individuals and businesses protect their data and ensure its safekeeping. In this blog, we’ll take a closer look at what AOMEI has to offer.

AOMEI is a software solution for disk partition management, backup and restore, and system clone. It is designed to make complex disk management and backup tasks easier and more accessible for users with limited technical expertise. With its comprehensive range of features and intuitive interface, AOMEI is a powerful and reliable solution that can help users keep their data safe and secure.

Reliable and User-Friendly Solutions

AOMEI offers a range of software solutions that are both reliable and user-friendly. Their backup and restore software allows users to easily backup their data and restore it in the event of data loss or corruption. Also, their partition software makes it easy to manage and optimize hard disk space.

Comprehensive Data Protection

AOMEI’s data protection solutions provide comprehensive coverage, allowing users to backup and restore their data, including system files, applications, and user data. The software also includes advanced features such as incremental backups. This only backup the changes made to files since the last backup, saving time and storage space.

Excellent Customer Support

AOMEI is committed to providing excellent customer support, with a team of knowledgeable and experienced professionals who are always there to help. Whether you need technical support or have questions about the software, AOMEI’s customer service team is there to help.

Affordable Prices

AOMEI’s software solutions are competitively priced, making them accessible to individuals and businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re a small business or a large corporation, you’ll find a data protection solution that fits your needs and budget.


  1. Disk Partition Management: AOMEI allows users to resize, extend, shrink, merge, split, align, copy, and move partitions without losing data.
  2. Backup and Restore: AOMEI provides a range of backup and restore options. Which includes full system backup, disk backup, partition backup, and file backup.
  3. System Clone: AOMEI makes it easy to clone a hard drive or system to another disk. Including cloning to a larger disk for disk upgrade, or cloning to a smaller disk for disk replacement.
  4. Migrate OS to SSD/HDD:. It provides an easy-to-use solution for migrating an operating system from one disk to another, including from a traditional hard drive to a solid-state drive (SSD).
  5. Dynamic Disk Support: AOMEI supports dynamic disk. This allows users to manage dynamic volumes, such as extend/shrink dynamic volume, copy dynamic volume, and convert dynamic disk to basic disk.
  6. Windows PE Bootable Media: AOMEI provides the ability to create a bootable media based on Windows PE. This allows users to perform partition and backup operations even if the system cannot boot.
  7. Windows Server Support: AOMEI supports both Windows 10/8.1/8/7 and Windows Server 2019/2016/2012/2008 (R2). Making it a versatile solution for both personal and business use.
  8. User-Friendly Interface:. AOMEI features a user-friendly interface that makes complex disc management and backup chores simple, especially for users with limited technical knowledge.


In conclusion, AOMEI is a comprehensive disk management and backup solution that provides users with the tools and features they need to keep their data safe and secure. AOMEI is a leading provider of PC backup and data management solutions, offering reliable and user-friendly software tools. These help individuals and businesses protect their data and ensure its safekeeping. With comprehensive coverage, excellent customer support, and affordable prices, AOMEI is the perfect choice for anyone looking to secure their data.


Q: What is AOMEI?

A: AOMEI is a software company that specializes in backup, restore, and partition management software for Windows PCs and servers.

Q: What products does AOMEI offer?

A: AOMEI offers a variety of products, including AOMEI Backupper, AOMEI Partition Assistant, AOMEI OneKey Recovery, AOMEI PE Builder, AOMEI PXE Boot Tool, and AOMEI Centralized Backupper.

Q: What is AOMEI Backupper?

A: AOMEI Backupper is a backup and restore software that allows users to backup their system, disks, partitions, and files. It also supports clone, sync, and recovery features.

Q: What is AOMEI Partition Assistant?

A: AOMEI Partition Assistant is a partition management software that allows users to resize, move, extend, shrink, split, align, copy, create, delete, format, wipe partitions, and much more.

Q: What is AOMEI OneKey Recovery?

A: AOMEI OneKey Recovery is a software that allows users to create a system backup image and set up a one-key restore function. With OneKey Recovery, users can quickly restore their system to the previous state by pressing a key during system startup.

Q: What is AOMEI PE Builder?

A: AOMEI PE Builder is a software that allows users to create a bootable Windows PE (Preinstallation Environment) image with AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Partition Assistant pre-installed.

Q: What is AOMEI PXE Boot Tool?

A: AOMEI PXE Boot Tool is a software that allows users to boot multiple computers from the network without using CD/DVD or USB drives. It can be used in conjunction with AOMEI Backupper and AOMEI Partition Assistant.

Q: What is AOMEI Centralized Backupper?

A: AOMEI Centralized Backupper is a backup solution that allows users to manage and monitor backups for multiple computers on the network from a central location.

Q: Is AOMEI free?

A: AOMEI offers both free and paid versions of their software. The free versions have limited features compared to the paid versions.