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About Asos

ASOS has positioned itself as one of the most prominent global online fashion and cosmetics stores in recent years, yet many online buyers are still left wondering: Is ASOS legit?


ASOS distributes hundreds of clothing, shoe, and accessory items from over 850 labels, including some from its own private label brands that frequently target its core audience of young adults.

Levi’s, Nike, adidas, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, and other prominent brands are available through ASOS online shopping. You won’t find incredibly inexpensive clothing or cosmetics here; instead, they sell name products at a discount off of retail prices.

This nearly two-decade-old online business supports diversity and has a clothes marketplace with independent boutique labels and vintage apparel.


ASOS Marketplace was launched in 2010 with only 20 retailers. Since then, we’ve established ourselves as the top online marketplace for independent companies and vintage stores.

Levi’s, Nike, adidas, Calvin Klein, Hugo Boss, Juicy Couture, and other prominent brands are available through ASOS online shopping. You won’t find incredibly inexpensive clothing or cosmetics here; instead, they sell name products at a discount off of retail prices.

This nearly two-decade-old online business supports diversity and has a clothes marketplace with independent boutique labels and vintage apparel.

ASOS Marketplace opened in 2010 with just 20 sellers. Since then we’ve become the leading online platform for independent brands and vintage boutiques.

Overview of Asos

This review attempts to provide you with answers to these issues by offering a review of, including a fast overview of the site and its marketplace of vintage boutiques and indie designers to help you get a better picture of what ASOS has to offer.

We will also examine multiple ASOS evaluations from customers, delivering an authoritative ASOS review from the standpoint of a shopper. debuted online in June 2000 as a one-stop clothes e-commerce destination for high-quality fashion. Yes, the ASOS internet store is a legitimate business.

The creators of the company sought to build a company that could reach customers all over the world and allow online shoppers to quickly access new fashion trends for men and women from the comfort of their own homes rather than having to visit a retail store.

Finally, ASOS shoes and clothing are designed with individuality in mind. The brand thinks that originality is important in fashion and that fashion can empower people to look, feel, and be their best selves.

Online Presence

Our ASOS review found that the brand has a strong online presence, which certainly helps to positively answer the question, “Is ASOS legit?” This presence includes:

  • 19 million social media followers
  • 4 million active customers
  • 69% of traffic from mobile devices

They also have a hashtag, #AsSeenOnMe, that they use to promote ASOS online shopping, and it encourages users to take images of their ASOS style finds and purchases and share them on their favourite social media.

The brand maintains an active social presence, which answers the question, “Is ASOS legit?” The company has the “extremely attentive to messages” mark on its Facebook page, which is a positive sign for clients who need help with inquiries or orders.

Corporate Responsibility

Our ASOS research also discovered that the company has clearly and distinctively stated its goals in order to retain a strong sense of corporate responsibility.

For ASOS, this entails taking the initiative to decrease its global carbon footprint through ecologically friendly operations and green initiative targets. ASOS, for example, sends their items to clients in packaging made entirely of recycled materials.

In addition, 34% of all fibres used in ASOS brands come from sustainable sources, according to the business.

ASOS believes that ethical trading, sustainable sourcing, and animal welfare are all critical components of its business model, in addition to environmental stewardship.

Our ASOS research discovered that the company not only is legitimate, but it also fosters a strong sense of corporate responsibility.

ASOS shoes and ASOS apparel may be worth considering if you’re seeking for a brand that is equally concerned about fashion and ethical standards.

Where Is ASOS Located?

Finally, the most basic way to answer “Is ASOS legit?” is to look at how and where the company is registered.

The main headquarters of ASOS are in London, England. ASOS’s global delivery territory encompasses over 200 nations. Fulfillment centres can be found in Europe, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

ASOS clothing has recently been in such high demand in the United States that the company had a few shipment delays from its warehouse in Atlanta, GA, but has subsequently worked to improve ASOS shipping and delivery times.

Companies House, the United Kingdom’s official registrar of companies, has lawfully registered the firm in the United Kingdom, proving its validity.

ASOS Reviews: Shoes, Suits, Jeans, & ASOS Maternity

Because ASOS is largely an online clothes and accessories marketplace, the ASOS clothing evaluations should be divided into the most popular categories that its customers typically purchase.

There are almost 8,200 reviews on Trustpilot. This includes ASOS shoe, suit, and jeans reviews. The majority of ASOS pregnancy reviews are from

ASOS Shoes Review

When browsing at ASOS reviews, product photographs and quick links to #AsSeenOnMe for ASOS shoes are a trending topic.

Customers may view many high-quality photos of the shoes on ASOS before purchasing them, allowing them to guarantee that they are getting the product that they desire.

Consumers who purchased things from ASOS reported on the prominent review website Trustpilot that the shoes they purchased frequently matched the image they saw online.

However, we discovered a disturbing notice on a few reviews about shoes that appeared used. According to one reviewer who gave ASOS shoes one star,

“I had to return a pair of shies [sic] I ordered from ASOS because they had dirt and scruffs all over them and the sole of the shoes were dirty. Obviously someone had worn them already. Gross. Not the mention the quality of the shoes was bad.”

Asos Review

According to certain ASOS shoe reviews, many customers who ordered shoes experienced concerns with the shipment rather than the item itself. Indeed, many ASOS reviews noted that the shipping time should have been shorter than a week.

For example, an ASOS shoes review stated that their item took nearly a month to arrive. Another ASOS shoes reviewer stated that they never received their order.

Other ASOS shoe reviews noted that product exchanges were difficult and frustrating.

For example, one ASOS shoes review stated that when attempting to conduct an ASOS return for an item owing to dissatisfaction with the goods or a change of heart, customer support was harsh and condescending.

The broad consensus of negative ASOS reviews on their shoes featured buyers’ bewilderment and dismay at a poor customer care experience.

However, shoe-buying customers who wrote favourable ASOS reviews on shoes never mentioned any problems with customer care, despite the fact that satisfied customers had little incentive to call customer support for help.

Many customers who purchased shoes from were pleased with the packing. Furthermore, many customers thought that ASOS’s quality met their expectations, resulting in excellent ASOS reviews.

ASOS Suits Review

ASOS features a fashionable collection of suits that attracts a lot of customers. The suits come in a variety of designs, such as thin suits, solid, checkered, and floral patterns. Furthermore, this online fashion store sells outfits in tall sizes.

When it comes to purchasing a suit, it can be difficult for a customer to feel confident in making this type of purchase online. However, ASOS suit reviews show that the site helps to address this primary concern by providing high-quality images from various angles as well as videos.

Many of the suits feature videos of models walking and turning around in them, allowing online customers to see how the suit fits on a model, making it easy to find the best ASOS suits for your body type and style.

The paucity of concerns regarding the quality of ASOS suits in Trustpilot reviews is a good indicator. However, as we’ve seen before, unfavourable ratings were about customer service.

For example, one ASOS suit reviewer wrote that the company’s customer service was terrible and that they would never do business with them again.

We did locate remarks on Styleforum from multiple reviewers who complained ASOS suits were of low quality and did not fit well. One customer who purchased a suit from ASOS remarked,

“I really bought one for a costume party. They’re ideal for the event, but they’re of low quality.”

A reviewer on Reddit in the concurred that ASOS suits are “very bad quality,” but noted they were fine for casual wear and looked amazing because of the variety of colours and patterns.

ASOS Jeans Review

The majority of ASOS apparel reviews on jeans were good, with a healthy mix of negative remarks. Many Trustpilot ASOS reviews for jeans praised the garment’s quality.

However, one ASOS jeans reviewer mentioned having to return a pair of jeans because they were too tiny. Other ASOS clothes reviews on jeans by customers emphasised their poor customer service experiences while attempting to initiate ASOS returns.

According to a review on, ASOS is a great location to shop for jeans since they have all sizes and videos of models walking in the jeans, so you can get a good idea of how they’ll appear.

ASOS Maternity Reviews


Although ASOS is a popular brand on Trustpilot, there were no ASOS pregnancy reviews. The consensus on, however, included positive ASOS reviews about product quality.

Customer service is at the heart of the negative ASOS clothes reviews on its maternity fashion. Customers may also expect shipping delays, according to ASOS clothes reviews.

The moms on BabyCenter’s forum enjoy ASOS maternity gowns but dislike the additional ASOS shipping/customs fees to several countries. Some of their maternity apparel evaluations include:

“I have only ordered a formal maternity dress but it was great quality and true to size.”

“I ordered 6 maternity dresses from ASOS – love them, fit to size. Did not, however, love the surprise fees I got upon delivery (to Canada). Order was $99, paid $53 on top of that for duty/brokerage fee on delivery. Never again.”

Overall, ASOS online shoppers give positive reviews for ASOS maternity wear, with complaints stemming from poor customer service and expensive surprise ASOS delivery fees, rather than the clothing itself.

What About the ASOS Marketplace?

ASOS Online Store The company’s vintage and independent marketplace sells the same product categories as ASOS but also provides the opportunity to discover new brands that may not be available elsewhere.

Many of these labels are also available in a range of sizes and pricing points, making it simple to purchase high and low. Surprisingly, you can purchase clothing from over 750 retailers from around the world.

ASOS online shopping through their marketplace allows users to buy worldwide looks in one spot, and their boutique directory allows shoppers to easily view what is available that may catch their eye.

According to our ASOS review, one possible downside of the boutique is that customer support and order fulfilment are handled by the boutique rather by ASOS.

Unfortunately, a student discount cannot be applied to the marketplace. However, if the boutique is unresponsive or the consumer is dissatisfied with the ordering procedure, ASOS will assist.


image asos

ASOS is unquestionably legitimate and secure for shopping fashionable clothing, shoes, and even maternity wear. It also offers the benefit of discovering unusual labels that may not be available anywhere else in the globe.

Shoppers can also find apparel, shoes, and accessories from independent designers, or they can use ASOS’s brands and visual shopping tools for a more personalised experience.

However, if something goes wrong with your item or you wish to swap or refund it, it is very likely that you will have a negative experience with its customer support.

The easiest way to determine whether ASOS shoes, apparel, or accessories are suited for you is to conduct extensive research on the firm. ASOS reviews can help you understand their delivery rules, customer service record, and product quality.

Finally, depending on the brands and styles you choose, ASOS offers some outstanding quality products and can ship to practically anywhere in the world, making this online retailer worth a second look.