BigTime Pro Review: Best Decorative Digital Alarm Clock in Market?

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A Decorative Digital Alarm Clock is a perfect offer for targeting in the home decoration niche.

People used to utilise sunrays, hourglasses, pocket watches, and analogue watches to keep time. The date has now passed. It is now the age of digital timepieces. You do not need to waste a few minutes of your life calculating the time (wink). You only need to look at the watch for a second to know what time it is. Digital clocks display not only the time but also the temperature, date, day, month, and other information. The most popular application is for youngsters who are too young to understand the analogue clock system. They can readily tell the time now. Tick-Tock is no more. Tick-tock The next era is one of digitalization. Analog is conventional. Time has never been ancient, and clocks have never been out of date. Clocks are always in style.
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What is BigTime Pro??

BigTime Pro is a digital alarm clock with a light projector that can be adjusted up to 180o, gently waking you up without disturbing you with light, and a plethora of multipurpose functions. The BigTimePro watch has a 5 meter range and can be adjusted to any angle. The BigTime Pro projector morning timer is the most comprehensive, with temperature and humidity control, a USB charger for gadgets, a radio, and a mirror mode.

The BigTimePro projector morning clock is the most comprehensive, with temperature and clamminess control, a USB charger for devices, radio, and mirror mode. The clock comes with an adjustable stand that allows it to be used as a table clock. The Digital alarm clock is the most comprehensive, with temperature and humidity control, a USB charger for devices, a radio, and mirror mode.

BigTimePro Projector Morning Clock Features

  • Beautiful Home/Office Decoration Clock
  • Large Digital Numbers, Easy To See
  • Equipped With Wall Time Projection
  • Precise Time Keeping With Quartz
  • Sensors For Temperature and Humidity
  • Super Low Power Consumption
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Benefits of the BigTimePro Digital Alarm Clock

  • One of the morning clocks with the least amount of use in its group.
  • USB charging bank for a variety of devices.
  • Turn on the lights and explain the day’s plans.
  • LCD Display show tremendous numbers and all information.
  • Temperature and humidity sensors for climate control.
  • Decorative and modern design.
  • Radio and audio connection system.
  • Six brightness levels ensure that you are not dazzled in the dark.
  • Projector with a range of up to 5m and a convenient 180o rotation to extend the time on the roof or the wall.

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Where To Buy and Price?

The BigTime Pro Digital Alarm Clock is available to buy from the company’s official website. You can get a 50% discount if you take advantage of their current promotion.

  • Buy 3 BigTime Pro and GET 2 FREE ($ 30/each)$ 149
  • Buy 2 BigTime Pro and GET 1 FREE ($ 36/each)$ 109
  • 1 BigTime Pro ($ 59/each)$ 59
  • 2 BigTime Pro ($ 45/each)$ 89
  • 3 BigTime Pro ($ 32/each)$ 129

With temperature and humidity control, USB charger for devices, radio and mirror mode, the BigTime Pro Digital Alarm Clock is the most complete.