Extranet: A Guide to Managing Your Properties Extranet is a web-based platform where property owners may manage their listings, pricing, availability, and bookings. In this post, we’ll look at the Extranet’s capabilities and how you can use it to manage your properties more successfully.

The Extranet is a platform that allows property owners and managers to manage their property listings, reservations, guest communication, and performance metrics. It offers a simple interface via which property owners may edit their property details, establish pricing, availability, and restrictions, and view booking information. On, they can also contact with guests, manage their reviews, and use performance metrics to track their business. The Extranet is a must-have tool for property owners looking to optimise their listing and increase bookings.

Start using the Extranet

To begin using the Extranet, you must first create an account and register your property. After you’ve registered your property, you’ll be able to enter the Extranet dashboard, where you’ll manage your listings.

The Extranet dashboard allows you to:

  • Update your property information, including photos, descriptions, and amenities
  • Set your availability and rates for different dates and room types
  • View and manage your reservations, including cancellations and modifications
  • Respond to guest reviews and feedback
  • Access reports and analytics to track your performance and revenue

Managing Your Listings

The ability to manage your property listings is one of the most essential aspects of the Extranet. This involves updating your property information, images, and descriptions to reflect your home accurately and attract potential guests.

You can also configure your availability and rates for other dates and room kinds. This helps you to optimise your revenue by adjusting your pricing based on demand and seasonality.

Managing Your Reservations

Additionally, you can view and manage your reservations using the Extranet. You can check all of your upcoming reservations, as well as any modifications or cancellations, and reply to guest inquiries and requests.

You can also use the Extranet to connect with visitors before and during their stay, providing them with crucial information such as check-in processes, directions, and area suggestions.

Responding to Guest Reviews and Feedback

The platform relies heavily on guest reviews and comments. You can use the Extranet to reply to and handle any complaints or issues that visitors may have had during their stay.

Responding to guest reviews and feedback can demonstrate to potential customers that you care about their experience and are devoted to providing outstanding service. This can help you get more bookings and establish a good reputation on the network.

Accessing Reports and Analytics

The Extranet gives you access to a variety of data and analytics that can assist you in tracking your performance and revenue. You may see your occupancy rates, revenue, and other vital information to help you make data-driven pricing and availability decisions.

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The Extranet is a great tool for managing your properties and increasing your platform earnings. You can ensure that your properties are optimised for success on by utilising the Extranet to update your listings, manage reservations, reply to guest reviews and feedback, and access data and analytics.