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You’ve probably seen commercials for hotel booking services while perusing the Internet, and maybe even a TV commercial for one. Regardless, as consumers hunt for hotel booking sites to find the best deals on rooms, the popularity of rapid and cheap hotel booking online is growing. This is where part of the controversy from using this online hotel booking site arises. Many people fail to read the small print. They perceive a good price, assume to be safe, and wind themselves in a horrible scenario. is a well-known hotel booking website. is consistently a top provider in online hotel booking for vacations or business trips.


On their site, they guarantee the best prices on all your accommodation needs. There is also a app to make the process of booking your accommodations even easier. However, with the popularity of this site, you really have to ask yourself the questions.

In our complete review today, we will answer all of your queries. Then you’ll be able to answer the question, “Is Booking. com trustworthy?” You’ll also be able to tell if it’s the greatest online hotel booking option for you.

Overview of

The first step in answering the question, “Is trustworthy?” ” is to comprehend how operates and what they are accountable for as a company.

Looking at the Terms and Conditions on the Booking .com website, we can determine that is a third-party online hotel booking service that allows accommodation services (i.e., suppliers) to advertise their product (i.e., an accommodation).

Customers looking for accommodations can go to, view what suppliers are promoting, and book a stay that fits their exact budget and needs.

This may seem apparent, but many tourists experience problems with hotel booking services like because they are unaware that they are using a third-party service. Booking. com is not responsible for changing pricing and availability of lodgings, as stated immediately in the scope of service.

It is up to the vendors (i.e., the hotels). After making a reservation, the contract is formed between the consumer and the supplier. Booking does not accept legal responsibility for any problems that arise after the reservation has been made. hotel

So what does this mean? Is Booking .com legit? How can we answer the question, “Is Booking .com reliable?” if they’re merely a third-party supplier?

We’ve gone over the fine print for you in our Booking. com review, and as a result, we’ll be able to tell you what you should know before making a reservation. You won’t be wondering, “Is Booking. com trustworthy?” or “Is Booking. com legit?” Instead, you’ll be secure in your reservation. Review: The Benefits

While there are quite a few negative Booking. com reviews, there are also many benefits of using the service. These benefits include:

  • Price-match guarantee (deals on hotels and accommodations)
  • Use of the Booking. com app
  • Saved searches, preferences, and credit card information, faster booking process
  • Amazing search functionality
  • All your options displayed in one place
  • One of the major advantages of hotel booking online is the convenience. When you go to look for accommodations for your next trip on, you can see all your options in one spot instead of having to research various hotels. This allows you to compare the prices and features of various hotels instead of having to individually look each hotel up.

Additionally, booking .com is convenient because it saves your searches and preferences. You don’t have to bookmark your favorites or keep track of various websites; it’s all in one place for you. Not to mention, if you need to make a reservation quickly, all your booking information, including your credit card, is already stored, so you can book and pay right away.

When reserving rooms, we discovered that had excellent search functionality. Their filters are broad, ensuring that you obtain exactly what you desire from your lodging. You may sort by ratings, location, chain, features (such as Wi-Fi, parking, and a swimming pool), and much more. Is trustworthy? When it comes to choosing a suitable accommodation, it most surely is.

You’ll also be reassured by the numerous Booking reviews for the lodgings you’re considering. These evaluations, as previously stated, are not particular to the service, but they will tell you a lot about what other customers felt of your potential future accommodations. Review: The Booking App

The Booking website is already easy and convenient to use, but the Booking .com app makes the process of finding an accommodation even faster since you can access the services easily from your mobile device. The app is also free to use.

The Booking. com app also makes planning your next vacation easier because your online confirmation will be available directly on your phone, and the app’s easy-to-follow maps will guide you right to your hotel. The Booking. com app essentially makes your journey more adaptable. You can easily extend your stay and obtain accommodations as necessary.

Both the Google Play Store and the iTunes App Store have very positive reviews for the Booking .com app, with scores of 4.5 out of 5 stars. It should be mentioned that some users have reported the programme constantly crashing. However, the majority of reviews are good, with remarks such as: easy-to-use, uncomplicated, speedy, an app that delivers on its promises, and an app that many users say they will use again. Review: Price

Various sources disagree on this, but the reason third-party internet hotel booking exists is so that users can enjoy discounts. According to Matthew Kepnes, a frequent traveller, “Hotels sell rooms to these booking services at a lower price, which is why you often find rates cheaper on these sites than on the hotel’s website.” These online hotel booking companies would not exist if clients were not getting a good value.

What’s fascinating about this Lifehacker piece is that Kepnes discovered that Booking .com can often be one of the most expensive third-party online hotel booking options when compared to Expedia, Hotwire, and Priceline. This claim is verified by Top Ten Reviews as well.

What Booking .com reviews tell us is that the prices displayed on Booking aren’t necessarily the best deal, but with price-match guarantee, you may be able to get the best deal. You just have to make sure you’re on the lookout for better deals. If the hassle of price matching isn’t something you’re interested in, Booking. com might not be for you.

If you want to read the terms of the price-match guarantee, click here. You should be aware that in order to receive a price-match guarantee, you must immediately present proof of the better bargain, the better deal must still be available, and the better deal must have the same terms. Review: Conclusion

Throughout this Booking. com review, we’ve been trying to answer the questions: “is Booking. com reliable? The conclusion: Not always.

However, is Booking .com legit? Yes

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