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CleanRobot Review: Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner to Keep Your House Clean and Sterile

Are you fed up with cleaning your house? Are you concerned about viruses spreading all over the place? Do you want the life that science fiction movies promised us? Today is the day, the future has arrived, and all your aches and pains will vanish as a result of this fresh new robot!
There was dust everywhere. It is literally impossible to clean anything. When others ask how frequently you clean, you say “once a week.” If you’re not one of these liars, you’ll say you stare at it for months until it breaks and you go clean it up.
But that’s just the way it is. Nobody has time for this. Yes, such Roombas exist, but they only work for about a week before crashing onto the kitchen counter or choking to death from dog hair. And don’t even consider carpets.
There is no substitute for good old-fashioned physical cleaning. Isn’t that the only true way to keep your house clean? Actually, though…

Introducing CleanRobot

CleanRobot is a Automatic robot vacuum cleaner with a sweeper function that is available for the lowest price on the market. It is a quality product under the acronym of a serious and respectable corporation, in addition to being the lowest in its category.

Those who do not want to or cannot afford to spend a lot of money will appreciate the chance to purchase low-cost smart home appliances. Because it is less expensive and more functional, the CleanRobot robot vacuum is among the best sellers.

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The Ultra Thin Robot Vacuum Cleaner is extremely effective for both dry and wet cleaning, and it can remove filth, pet hair, dust, and muck from all sorts of floors using microfiber tissue. The sophisticated motor decreases vacuuming noise, can work for extended periods of time due to the rapid rechargeable function, and is 99.7% efficient.

The Automatic Robot Vacuum Cleaner is also know as Sweeper Robot

If You Hate Having to Clean Up Your House Every Day, CleanRobot Is Here for You!

Features of Robot Vacuum Cleaner

  • A 10,000 MaH battery can sweep up to 150 square metres.
  • A strong sweep that removes dirt from any surface.
  • High-efficiency suction captures more than 99% of sand, food particles, and hair.
  • On wet surfaces, this product performs flawlessly.
  • Excellent obstacle detector.
  • Anti-fall method for stairwells and other uneven surfaces.
  • Linear cleaning distribution, parallel vacuuming till a surface is completed.
  • Return to the line parallel to the previous cleaning line using intelligent memory.
  • It is programmable, you can leave it running when you are not at home.
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Allergy and pet-friendly: the HEPA filter in the automatic vacuum cleaner keeps the air pure and fine dust particles confined inside the dustbin. The no-brush design and strong suction do not clog with dog or cat fur like spinning underbrush devices.

Small Slim Design: This robot is ideal for cleaning under furniture, beds, sofas, and other difficult-to-reach locations.

USB Charging Mode: USB charging mode, simple charging, a full charge takes about 100 minutes.

Long Service Life & Energy Saving: The advanced Li-ion battery retains maximum runtime and charging performance for years, allowing it to be used frequently.

Automatic cleaning requires no smartphone or remote control, making it ideal for the elderly. It changes direction automatically in the face of impediments and is simple to use.

Pros and Cons of Robot Vacuum Cleaner


  • Easy to use
  • 3 in 1 cleaning, disinfecting and humidifying
  • Long lasting battery and 98% cleaning efficiency
  • Super smart pathfinding and cleaning system
  • Powerful suction that removes dirt, pet hair, crumbs, etc.


  • Supplies are very limited, may be running out of stock soon
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What makes it so special?

This robot vacuum picks up pet hair, crumbs, dust, debris, and dirt. It strives to do so on all types of floors, especially marble, nylon, tiles, hardwood, and low-pile carpets. You can activate it with one touch. The advanced motor makes the bot quieter than average.

There are anti-fall cliff sensors so the CleanRobot does not fall off heights. Furthermore, the smart bumper sensor prevents the bot from bumping into obstacles or a wall. If a wall is hit, the bumper protects the CleanRobot. Generally speaking, if there is an obstacle, the CleanRobot changes course. The CleanRobot is slim in a way that allows it under furniture to clean there if needed.

Based on consumer feedback, it is this year’s best affordable robot vacuum cleaner. You have 14 days to return the item if you are not satisfied. Worldwide shipping is free.

Conclusion: Should you get the CleanRobot?

Yes. 100%. If you value your time and health, you need the CleanRobot. It blows all its competitors out of the park, keeps your home nice and fresh, and for a bargain price we’d never seen before and likely never see again. Get it before the sale ends!


What is CleanRobot Automatic Robot Vacuum?
CleanRobot is an automatic robot vacuum cleaner that is designed to clean floors and carpets efficiently without any manual intervention.

How does CleanRobot work?
CleanRobot is equipped with sensors that enable it to detect obstacles and avoid them. It also has brushes and suction power that helps in cleaning dirt and debris.

What type of floors can CleanRobot clean?
CleanRobot can clean various types of floors including hardwood, tile, laminate, and carpet.

How often should I clean the dustbin of CleanRobot?
It is recommended to clean the dustbin of CleanRobot after every use to ensure optimal performance.

How long does the battery of CleanRobot last?
The battery life of CleanRobot can vary depending on the model and usage. However, most models can run for up to 90 minutes on a single charge.

Can CleanRobot be controlled with a mobile app?
Yes, many models of CleanRobot can be controlled with a mobile app that allows you to schedule cleaning times and adjust settings remotely.

Is CleanRobot suitable for pet hair?
Yes, many models of CleanRobot are equipped with brushes and suction power that are specifically designed to handle pet hair.

Does CleanRobot make a lot of noise?
CleanRobot produces a moderate amount of noise, but it is generally quieter than traditional vacuum cleaners.

Can CleanRobot clean corners and edges?
Yes, CleanRobot is designed to clean corners and edges efficiently with the help of its side brushes.

Is CleanRobot easy to maintain?
Yes, CleanRobot is generally easy to maintain. The dustbin can be emptied and the brushes can be cleaned or replaced as needed.

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