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DataCamp Review: Is DataCamp Worth It?

DataCamp Review: Is DataCamp Worth It?

What is DataCamp?

Data science – it’s an industry that’s taking the world by storm, and if you’re thinking about embarking on a new learning experience, you might want to consider DataCamp for your online learning needs.

DataCamp courses are challenging and exciting, great for both beginners and advanced learners alike with its interactive courses and real-world projects. Suitable for learners of any skill level, you’ll find everything you’re looking for – and then some! – when you decide to take DataCamp courses.

In our DataCamp courses review, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the online resources and lectures offered by this online learning platform. While it’s one of many different MOOCs (massive open online course) providers out there, you’ll likely learn in our DataCamp review that it’s the right online learning platform for you.

Overview of DataCamp

DataCamp Review: Is DataCamp Worth It?

DataCamp was established in 2013 as one of many different MOOC providers. Like other online learning platforms, DataCamp will allow you to pick and choose from various online courses to help you build your skills in things like data science and analytics.

With more than 350 courses to choose from (and nearly 300 expert instructors from top institutions like Duke University), you’ll find DataCamp to be a helpful way to boost your skills and engage with a like-minded community of professionals.

The courses on DataCamp are highly interactive and explore the impact of data science and analytics. Whether you are part of a company or just an individual looking to build your skills, you’ll find that DataCamp is the way to go to boost your understanding of this complex and in-demand field.

To date, DataCamp partners with more than 1,600 companies and 3000 academic organizations, providing education to 7 million learners in more than 180 countries.

DataCamp Pricing

DataCamp Review: Is DataCamp Worth It?

The DataCamp cost of courses varies depending on which pricing model you select.

DataCamp has a subscription model with several different plans. As an individual learner, you can choose from one of three personal plans, including a Free account (which, as you might expect, costs nothing), a Standard Account (which costs $25 a month) or a Premium account (which is $33.25 a month).

When it comes to the DataCamp cost for business, you’ll find two different plans to choose from. One of these is the professional plan, which costs $25 per user per month. You need to have at least five users to qualify for this plan.

The other option is the Enterprise plan. It’s not possible, at the time of writing this article, to give a price for the Enterprise plan, since this is done on a customized, case-by-case basis. If you’re interested in learning more about the Enterprise plan, you’ll need to contact DataCamp correctly.

How Does DataCamp Work?

DataCamp is similar to other online learning platforms in that it offers stand-alone courses that you can take. Each course varies in terms of its content and length as well as its suitability for various skill sets.

In addition to these individual courses, DataCamp students can also pursue Tracks. These Track learning programs offer multiple “chunks” of courses that will allow you to earn a Statement of Accomplishment when you complete them. Though this statement is not accredited, it will no doubt look great on your resume when it’s time to apply for jobs.

There are two tracks you can pursue: the DataCamp Skill Track and the DataCamp Career Track. The Skill Track will let you select a combination of individual courses that will give you all the knowledge you need to master a certain skill. You’ll only take courses relevant to you. These could be courses from different instructors and amount to a varying number of hours of training.

The Career Track will let you access a number of courses that will prepare you for a certain career, rather than a skill. You might take 15 courses from a variety of instructors to help you become prepared as a Python programmer.

There are also DataCamp memberships for businesses. To date, DataCamp has worked with more than 1600 companies, many of which are Fortune 1000 members. As a business owner or manager, you can use DataCamp to provide flexible online training to all of your team members.

If you’re an educator, DataCamp has something to offer you. You can apply to get access to 1200 hours of data science courses totally free for your students.

DataCamp User Interface

DataCamp has a user interface that is not only attractive but also easy to use. Although there is some information that can be tough to find on the website – you have to really dig to find any information on the free trial plan – it is not difficult to get started with using this online learning platform.

The entire user interface is intuitive and easy to use. To get started, you just need to open up a web browser and log on to DataCamp’s website. Then, you can enter your details into the pop-up box to start learning for free and to create an account.

You can use your Google, Facebook, or LinkedIn login (one less password and username to remember, after all!). You can always sign up with your email, if you’d prefer, to make a separate account.

Once you enter your details, you’ll be prompted to complete a basic profile. Then, you’ll have access to a simple launchpad and dashboard where you can view your progress and check out options like Career Tracks, Skill Tracks, DataCamp Projects, Courses, and more.

You can bookmark classes and features to check out late or even participate in live events. You’ll be able to view how far you’ve come on each and every one of your courses in this dashboard, too.

This dashboard also has a section that will allow you to browse different courses. You can search in several different ways. You can filter courses to select by Topics or Technologies or you can simply search by the newest or most relevant classes.

Another thing that makes DataCamp easy to use is that you can cancel your annual or monthly subscription at any time. You will still be able to access all of its resources until the year or month ends.

Content Quality

You’ll find an impressive content quality when you decide to join DataCamp. This platform has worked with all kinds of successful companies, including eBay, Uber, Google, and more to provide its students with the skills they need to be successful – as well as to train their own employees on how to make them successful at their jobs.

When you decide to use DataCamp for your personal learning or professional business needs, you’ll benefit from all kinds of features. Not only will you receive expert guidance from instructors who really know their stuff, but you’ll be able to create personally-tailored learning content and engage in hands-on skill-building activities.

Before you begin a class, you can get an idea of its quality by taking the free test version. You can also choose to look at the instructor’s bio for the course. This will let you learn more about the professional from whom you will be learning before you even get started.

Ease of Use

DataCam is incredibly easy to use, especially when it comes to signing up and finding a course.

One of the major complaints you’ll see echoed in other online course platform reviews is that it can be tough to wade through the thousands of courses offered by the platform. That’s not the case with DataCamp.

Everything is customized specifically to you so it’s extremely easy to use. You’ll even get personalized recommendations for courses you should take.

To get started, you’ll just need to choose a Skill Track or Career Track. Each one has a series of courses you can follow and complete based on your preferences. Skill Tracks usually have up to seven courses (sometimes fewer) that focus on complementary skills in certain topics or programming languages.

Career tracks, on the other hand, have introductory courses in things like SQL, Python, and R and will cover more basic skills.

If you aren’t sure if DataCamp is the right platform for you, you’ll benefit from the easy to use free DataCamp account feature. With this, you can take a look at the first chapter of almost any course on the platform. That way, you can figure out whether it’s worth the money before you pay.

You can also try out an assessment for free. These, too, can be filtered by Technology and topic. You don’t have to register or provide any kind of payment details to check out these features.

User Learning Experience

If you’re wondering who DataCamp is for and whether it’s the perfect platform for you, rest assured that it’s the best approach to learn in most circumstances. You’ll have access to approximately 350 courses covering a wide range of topics and data science technologies, such as Python, R, and even Excel.

Courses are broken down into small, bite-sized chunks so that you won’t get overwhelmed the minute you log on.

Not only that, but each course includes professional videos (which are intentionally kept short to keep your interest!) and interactive tasks that you can finish right away.

The DataCamp user learning experience is profoundly beneficial, regardless of whether you are a complete rookie or have some level of knowledge on areas linked to data science.

What Type of Courses Does DataCamp Offer?

DataCamp is unlike other online course providers, like edX or Coursera, in that it strictly offers courses in data science and analytics. You might take purses in technologies like:

  • R
  • Python
  • SQL
  • Git
  • Shell

DataCamp Alternatives

There are several alternatives to DataCamp that you might consider in your pursuit of the right e-learning platform.

One of these is Pluralsight. Pluralsight is similar to DataCamp in that it offers online training courses for developers and other IT professionals. It is, however, more expensive than DataCamp.

It does, however, provide additional strategies for business professionals and large corporations, as well as more avenues to recognised and approved credentials.

Another option is LinkedIn Learning. Formerly known as Lynda, LinkedIn Learning offers classes in a broader variety of fields. If you want to learn it, there’s a good chance that LinkedIn Learning offers the class!


So is this revolutionary online learning platform right for you? Only you can decide that. However, if you’re interested in learning about data science. Our DataCamp review has probably aroused your interest in taking some online classes with this organisation.

Although DataCamp does have its fair share of drawbacks (many of which you will find echoed in other DataCamp review). It’s nothing to worry about.

You’ll most likely discover that website provides useful, up-to-date training that will help you advance very far in your new career.

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