DroneX Pro Review: Ultra Compact Budget Drone For Professionals


DroneX Pro’s well-though-out and ultra-compact design allows you to carry it wherever you go since it can easily fit in your pocket! Despite its size and portability, DroneX Pro provides you with the most valuable features of high-quality drones and turns the process of taking pictures into incredibly fun experience!
DroneX Pro is a precision engineered drone that is specifically designed for easy flying, making it ideal for flying indoors or recording action shots while on the move. Its foldable design and lightweight construction make it an essential item for any adventure!

Main Features Of DroneX Pro

Easy to set up and use
Ultra-compact size and foldable design – perfect to carry around in the pocket
Intuitive and smooth controls make it easy to fly for everyone
720PHD rotating camera allows you to take high-quality photos and videos from unseen angles
120° wide angle lens “broadens your vision”
High atmospheric pressure allows you to accurately lock the height and location which makes shooting easy and convenient
Flight tracking lets you plan the trajectory in advance
One key take off/landing and return
Large capacity lithium battery allows you to fly for up to 10 minutes
LED night light ensures you’ll never lose it in the dark
WiFi connection makes it easy to transfer your data in real time
High/Low speed mode
Headless mode allows you to change direction any time you want
Easy to control 360° rolling
2.4GHz remote control for anti-interference
Durable but lightweight design makes DroneX Pro long-lasting and trustful companion anytime, anywhere

This small and compact DroneX Pro will transform your videography session into something incredible!


DroneX Pro Dimensions

It has a small stature, measuring approximately 12.5 x 7.5 x 5cm when its propellers are extended for flight. These, as well as the rest of the drone, can be folded down for easier storage and portability.

The Drone X Pro weighs less than 1lb, making it easy to transport, but the strongest winds can cause some wobble. It’s actually quite resilient for its size, withstanding up to a wind level of seven, but it’s still not good enough for the experts. Even a sudden change in wind direction can cause it to deviate from its intended path.

DroneX Pro Accessories

The following are the items that are included in the Dronex Pro package.

Four extra propeller blades – These are spares in case the drone crashes and the propeller blades break.
Storage bag – Using a storage bag, you can protect your drone and its included items from dust, which can cause your drone to malfunction.
Screwdriver – This is used for installing and repairing basic propeller blade issues. User manual – Detailed instructions will assist you in installing and troubleshooting your drone. Don’t be concerned. It is present in the English version.
Batteries – If you want to record the video for a longer period of time, you should consider purchasing some spare batteries.


What Makes DroneX PRO So Special?

DroneX PRO was designed to be simple enough for anyone to use.

The well-thought-out and ultra-compact design of the DroneX PRO allows you to carry it wherever you go because it fits easily in your pocket! Despite its small size and portability, DroneX PRO provides you with the most valuable features of high-quality drones and transforms the photography process into an incredibly enjoyable experience!

The only drone that combines quality and portability with a low price is the DroneX PRO. It’s no surprise that large corporations were taken aback when DroneX PRO hit the market.

DroneX PRO is a drone designed by photographers for photographers. So it couldn’t possibly be less than perfect.

DroneX Pro Price

The Drone X Pro price can throw you off a little because at first glance it seems like there are three versions. In actuality, with our discount, a single drone sets you back $99, but you can buy more to get even a better deal. So that’s:

$99 for 1 drone (discounted from $199)
$159 for 2 drones (down from $396)
$197 for 3 drones (regular price – $594)
$249 for 4 drones (instead of $792)

If you’re buying a lot of items for the kids, for example, this can save you a lot of money.

Shipping is free on all orders, and you can upgrade to a lifetime warranty for an additional fee.

dronexpro_budget drone_image22

Where can I buy Drone X Pro?

The DroneX Pro is also available for purchase online, but always buy from the official manufacturer to ensure you get the right product.

On the official manufacturer’s website, you can save up to 50% off a single drone. If you buy two drones at once, you get one free, and you already get a discount on two. Similarly, if you buy three drones at once, you get two for free plus a discount!

A warranty of up to three years on your drone is available for an additional fee.