Fashion Retailer Modivo: Brand That Will Inspire Your Outfits


Summer is in full swing, and now is the ideal time to “experiment” with your appearance. Simple, Sprandi, Americanos, Rage Age, and Togoshi are among the brands available in the MODIVO online store. Their extensive collection will enable you to create perfect ensembles that are always in line with the latest fashion trends.

New minimalism

Designers have been presenting their interpretations of minimalism through their designs for a few years now, creating impressive ensembles. This summer, opt for simple pieces in soft colours as a foundation. For the modern minimalist, consider a beige V-neck jumpsuit or a knitted dress with a perforated design and cut-out back. The latest collection is particularly noteworthy, with timeless denim, light blouses, satin tops, and oversized suits that are perfectly in line with current fashion trends. If you like modern minimalism, this is the brand for you.

A mix of past and future

Combine the fashion of the past with the latest trends straight from the global catwalks. If you want to add a touch of fantasy from the 70s to your outfit, prefer a floral satin  shorts . Complete your look with a top and jacket with the same pattern. Fans of Y2K and unisex models will love the futuristic brand  Togoshi. Sheer fabrics, polyamide jumpsuits, and a mix of oversized and fitted pieces are popular street fashion trends.

MODIVO inspires you to experiment with fashion trends – in an instant you can change decade and move into a boho atmosphere with the  Lucia summer dress from the brand Rage Age. If you prefer something more sensual, choose a cocktail dress in chocolate color, which is one of the hottest trends for the coming season. Floral patterns and light fabrics are always a good choice for summer, as evidenced by the romantic  Sofia dress .

Sprandi, a colourful brand that will “refresh” any wardrobe, is MODIVO’s first suggestion for men. Consider the bright lime shorts, which are a must-have this season for the beach. Another option is the pink Americanos Resort Moa shirt, which goes perfectly with the white Americanos jeans. Look no further than the Rage Age brand for the ideal summer T-shirt, which offers high-quality T-shirts with unique prints. Allow yourself more fashion freedom and experiment with new looks.

MODIVO allows you to browse hundreds of thousands of products and enjoy fashion on your own terms. It all depends on your mood and how you want to express yourself. The fact that you have 100 days to return the item and a variety of payment methods makes the decision easier. Choose your own style and discover MODIVO brands this summer!

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About the Brand

MODIVO is a completely unique fashion store concept. The retail store, combines the physical store experience with digital shopping, bringing the new phygital concept to life. MODIVO, a member of the illustrious eobuwie group based in Poland, has a team with over 20 years of experience. The phygital stores, which have locations in Poland and the Czech Republic, have quickly become a success story.

MODIVO has decided to write a new chapter in retail history. To accomplish this, they collaborated with Nanovo, the company behind digital in-store technology found in showrooms, fitting rooms, and the integration of digital processes and PPDS, to develop a truly unique concept. A fully automated store has been designed and implemented to bring the future of retail to the present. Inside the store, customers are greeted by fully immersive Philips wall screens that display the product line, promotions, and MODIVO branding.

Customers can browse the entire collection on strategically placed digital touchscreen terminals because there are no products in the sales room. The selected products delivered to the fitting room from the adjacent warehouse, which has a capacity of over 100,000 items. Customers can still make product selections in the fitting rooms, thanks to interactive touch screens linked to the warehouse logistics system. MODIVO has been able to implement a multi-channel sales strategy that achieves brand performance and solidity goals in an ever-changing retail landscape.



  • Smart remote updates: MODIVO can push new promotions and product selections across their displays instantly.
  • Remote upgrades: Nanovo can push new software updates remotely to ensure all displays are running smoothly with the latest features and stability requirements.
  • Versatile connectivity: Android and CMND & Control enable easy integration of Nanovo’s proprietary digital in-store platform, SIGNIO.
  • Futuristic shopping experience: A clean store design with no hangers or clutter seamlessly connects the physical store experience with the digital world, resulting in a pure phygital hybrid store.
  • Cost efficiency: No display products means fewer staff and less maintenance allowing MODIVO to keep costs down for the consumer.

Modivo, has turned to display technology from PPDS to create and open a futuristic new store in Warsaw. The stores combine the benefits of online and physical shopping for a highly unique and transformative customer experience.