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Namecheap Review: Good for Domains, Is its Good for Hosting as Well?

Great For Domains, What About Hosting?

Namecheap Web hosting Review: Good for Domains, Is its Hosting Worth?

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Cheap Web Hosting – Namecheap Hosting Review

Finding cheap web hosting side can be challenging, that is why web hosting reviews like this for Namecheap web hosting is done literally for anyone to understand without using so much term to complicate things.

NameCheap web hosting is autonomous which means it’s not owned by a major holding company, an ICANN-licensed domain name enlistment centre established in 2000. Notwithstanding domain registration, they offer an integral range of hosting services.

The Good Side of Using NameCheap Hosting As Cheap Web Hosting Alternative

Here are the aces (points of interest) for considering NameCheap Hosting. There is a great deal of NameCheap Hosting surveys online more often than not with client created audits in light of stories and individual experience.

Cheap Web Hosting – NameCheap Pricing

NameCheap’s primary competitive advantage is their low-cost web hosting pricing. In any event, cheap is not the same as highly valued. To make sense of this, we must first understand how hosting evaluation is arranged.

Web hosting organisations, for the most part, offer the same thing house for your website, but they all have numerous plans with various tops, distinct incentives, and distinct restoration charges. Most people require a breakdown of several sections to make sense of their true esteem.

To look at “one type to its logical counterpart” among hosting organizations, I separate things into Core hosting components and Bonus hosting highlights.

namecheap 5360_124
Hosting typeBest for
Shared hostingIf you’re looking for ease of use. A great option for beginners. Get Namecheap, now 54% OFF
WordPress hostingCheap web hosting option for WordPress websites.
VPS hostingMedium businesses or online stores. A slightly more advanced option.
Reseller hostingA great choice for web developers or web design firms.
Dedicated hostingBig websites and online stores. Very advanced option, where the entire server is dedicated to you.

Web Hosting Pricing

  • NameCheap Shared Hosting
  • NameCheap has four pricing levels.
  • Esteem recharges at $38.88/yr;
  • Professional renewal at $78.88/yr;
  • Ultimate renewal at $129.88/yr;
  • Business Pro recharges at 17.98/mo.

Every one of the plans accompanies a low introduction pricing as low as $9.88/yr for the Value plan. The catch is that every one of the plans is topped on two of the three “D’s” notwithstanding different tops.

Namecheap is one of the cheapest hosting providers out there. Its cheapest shared hosting plan comes for $2.18/month. Other options include reasonably priced WordPress, VPS hosting, reseller, and dedicated server hosting.

It’s good to know that the provider has many options, and all of them are fairly cheaply priced. However, shared hosting is what I’ll be focusing on in this review.

For shared hosting, Namecheap has 3 plans, all of which come with unmetered bandwidthfree domain registration and privacy protectionaccess to a free website builder, and a free SSL certificate.

Of course, all plans have plenty of differences, too:

Stellar3 websites, 20GB SSD storage, and 30 email accounts.$2.18/mo
Stellar PlusUnlimited websites and email addresses, unmetered SSD storage and automated backups.$2.98/mo
Stellar BusinessUnlimited websites and email addresses, 50GB SSD storage, automated backups, and cloud storage.$4.98/mo

Here’s the way the plans work out.

Value/Esteem: Limited to 3 domains, 20GB in disk space, 50 databases and 50 email accounts.

Proficient/Professional: Limited to 10 domains, 50GB in circle space, 100 databases and 100 email accounts.

Extreme/Ultimate: Limited to 50 domains.

Business Pro: Limited to 20GB in circle space and 5000GB in transmission capacity.

Regardless, NameCheap’s plans have such a variety of limits that it’s truly difficult to contrast them straightforwardly with other organization’s hosting plans.

Be that as it may, here are the means by which it finishes up. If you anticipated remaining under those caps, NameCheap hosting is quite often less expensive than the plan you would pick at another hosting organization.

In any case, NameCheap’s estimating/pricing is a strongly preferred standpoint.

Namecheap Hosting Review

NameCheap Specialty Is Not Hosting

NameCheap is primarily a domain registration service. One reason to use them for domain registration is that they make purchasing a domain and directing it to other hosting or email providers so simple.

Domains and hosting are common additions to the greater Internet services industry. Hosting businesses that provide domain registration may overpay and make domain upkeep difficult. The ability and resources required to maintain a world-class hosting architecture are generally lacking in domain organisations.

This is not to suggest it isn’t possible or that some organisations don’t try. Hosting and domains, on the other hand, appear to be akin to espresso and breakfast.

They should be sold together, but this is uncommon. Regardless of whether NameCheap’s hosting was excellent despite anything, be mindful primarily because it consolidates all Internet presence with a single company.

Extra Features Of NameCheap Web Hosting

While NameCheap has a genuine total list of capabilities for each plan, they do reject some extra components.

To begin with, their money-back guarantee is limited. NameCheap operates for 14 days. In any case, corporate hosting competitors provide 45 days.

They overestimate several of their enhancements/upgrades, for example, dedicated IP addresses, which are normally required for adding SSL authentications. They charge $24 each year, when most organisations charge $2 or bundle it for free.

Neither of those focuses is a major flaw, but when combined, they create yet another barrier to understanding.

Conclusion – Namecheap review

NameCheap Web Hosting is a good low-cost hosting solution in general. NameCheap will suit you well if you are launching a tiny website and are more concerned with cost than plan constraints.

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