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PrintX Pro Review: Best Portable Bluetooth Printer? Price, Where To Buy?

A printer is something that we all require at some point in our lives. For example, if you want to build special memories with a loved one, make an album, or finish a project. Then the first thing that comes to mind is a personal portable Bluetooth thermal printer. I had been looking for a portable, small, and compact printer for the same reason.

About PrintX Pro

PrintX Pro Is A Portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer That Can Help You Bring Digital Memories To Life. There is no need to go to a store to print something when you can do it at home with this device. It’s a full-featured, portable Bluetooth thermal printer designed to print and save physical copies of digital photos. This printer allows you to print all of your digital memories at home instead of going to a printing store. It’s simple to transport and connect to get started.

Its Bluetooth connectivity works with Apple iOS, Google Android, and Windows devices. There is no need to worry about refilling or replenishing ink. It prints photos at 203 dpi high-quality resolution and size. Perfect for both experts and beginners.

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The PrintX Pro technique is based on black and white printing. Its built-in rechargeable battery offers long-term printing capacity. Also, a micro USB cable is supported for printing from non-Bluetooth devices. With the PeriPage app, we may style the snapshot.

The full thermal printer eliminates the hazards and hassles associated with replenishing and refilling ink when it runs out. Print X pro includes Bluetooth connectivity, allowing you to connect almost any Bluetooth-enabled device. You may now print your favourite photographs in great quality and size.

PrintX Pro is very portable and can easily fit into your pocket. This allows you to move about easily wherever you go. This printer works fast and saves time and money when used in conjunction with your digital camera. Furthermore, it is suitable for both novices and pros.

Best Portable Bluetooth Printer

PrintX Pro Features at a glance:

Print X Pro has a plethora of features that make it more efficient and effective than other printers. It will be the ideal business, home, and office buddy. Let’s go over the features.

Instant thermal printing: Print X Pro uses thermal printing to print digital photographs. There is no need to worry about ink because it uses thermal paper instead. Printers that are generally quieter, faster, and more efficient than other printers. It is possible to print photos, labels, and messages.

Backup and connectivity: It supports Android, iOS, and Windows with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 capability. The built-in 1000mAh rechargeable battery lasts a long period. To print files from non-Bluetooth devices, it contains a micro USB connector.

Customizable printing: PrintX Pro is coupled with a default programme that allows me to print all files. The programme allows you to customise your printing with fonts and themes. It can print on thermal paper up to 58mm wide. Its high-performance 203 DPI print head produces crisp results.

Environmentally friendly: Thermal roll printing is absolutely safe for the environment. PrintX Pro does not require ink or cartridges. It is also battery-powered, with low power consumption and cost. This Portable Printer does not create the same noise as a standard printer.

Compact and Lightweight: Portable Thermal Printer is more compact and lightweight than our standard smartphone. Fits easily into a pocket. Outdoor working environments are ideal. Print important files whenever and wherever you need to. The tiny appearance printing device is ideal for both professionals and amateurs.

PrintX Pro Specifications

The technical specs of the printer:

NamePrintX Pro
Printing processBlack and white thermal printing
Paper width57 mm (2.24”)
Paper roll diameter30 mm (1.18”)
Printing resolution203 dpi
ConnectivityBluetooth 4.0 or Micro USB
Battery capacity1000 mAh
Weight155 g (0.34 lb)
ColourPink, blue, white
Dimensions79×79×42 mm (3.1×3.1×1.65”)
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Why Do You Really Need The PrintX Pro Portable Bluetooth Thermal Printer?

There are numerous advantages to own this printer. Below this section, I’ll explain why I purchased this equipment for myself. So that you can match your needs and make an informed decision. The first thing that struck me about this device was its mobility, wireless connectivity, and support for various devices.
Aside from that, the printer is composed of high-quality materials that are resistant to breakage. The printer is incredibly simple and straightforward to operate; anyone with no prior knowledge can use it. Its pricing is also relatively low when compared to other normal printers. You can get this printer without breaking the bank. You can use this printer programme to customise your documents with numerous fonts and styles.

PrintX Pro is a great instant printer for both business and home users. Folks who are new to photography will appreciate PrintX Pro, and it is also appropriate for the following people.

  • People who work as independent contractors
  • Graphic designers and photographers
  • People who work as editors
  • Crafters appreciate this product for printing designs and paper packs.
  • printing businesses
  • travellers
  • vloggers and bloggers

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Why should you purchase a PrintX Pro?

Great Build – The PrintX Pro is built of tough, break-resistant plastic. It is lightweight without sacrificing construction quality. It’s also adorable and would make an excellent gift for family or friends.
Great Fonts – Using the programme, you may choose fonts and themes to improve and colourize your creations. Simply connect your phone to the printer through Bluetooth and begin printing whatever you want.
Affordable – When compared to more well-known companies, PrintX Pro provides a superior product that delivers on its promises without breaking the budget.
Ease of Use – To use the PrintX Pro thermal printer, simply charge it, turn it on, connect it to your phone or PC (with the appropriate driver installed), and begin printing.

How does the PrintX Pro Printer function?

Print X Pro makes use of Thermal paper printing is used to reproduce images. It does not utilise ink cartridges like regular printers, but rather a unique thermal paper that turns black (or gives shades of black) when heated and pressed by the printer. The process is often inexpensive because you simply need to purchase inexpensive customised paper rather than an ink cartridge and paper. Its companion smartphone app improves the user experience.

How Can I Use PrintX Pro?

  • Step 1: Turn on your printer and connect it to the devices you’ve chosen. It may be your smartphone, PC, or tablet.
  • Step 2: To pair the printer with your device, you must first install the printer’s default app. The app is available on Google Play, the App Store, and Google Play.
  • Step 3: Once the app is installed, you can quickly couple the printer with your device using its 4.0 Bluetooth connection.
  • Step 4: After connecting the printer to your device, you may print any images or documents within 30 seconds.

Is PrintX Pro a Scam?

If you’ve only recently learned about this item, this is a reasonable query. I had the same question when I first heard about it. However, the features of this printer so attracted me that I began researching it and studying real buyer’s reviews.

After that, I decided to conduct my own investigation. Since then, this printer has been my most trusted travel partner. It follows me wherever I go. Its clever printing feature comes in handy at various times and in various situations. If you intend to purchase this printer, I can promise you that you can do it without hesitation.

What You get in the PrintX Package:

  • 1 pcs photo printer
  • 1 pcs USB cable
  • 1 pcs Manual
  • 1 roll white thermal paper(installed in the printer already)

Where Can I Get the PrintX Pro?

The PrintX Pro portable bluetooth thermal printer is only available from the company’s official website. If you wish to purchase this product, you must do so from its official website. I bought mine from their own website with a significant 50% discount, and the printer is still operating perfectly.

The manufacturer promotes the limited-time promotional offer once more. So, if you desire this printer, act quickly to take advantage of the massive 50% promotional price.

  • 3 PrintX Pro + 2 free at $59 each for a sum of $297
  • 2 PrintX Pro + 1 free at $66 each for a sum of $197
  • 1 PrintX Pro at $99
  • 4 PrintX Pro at $62 each for a sum of $249

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