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Working steadily and safeguarding 200,000 families for almost 20 million trips. Redtiger has continually been the best-seller in this field in over 10 countries and regions. The regions include the United States, Canada, Europe, United Arab Emirates, and so on.

About ten years ago, the founder Jonny Don, who then a single tech savvy, was super obsessed with road trips. He was much in need of some dash cam to guarantee basic safety needs and more importantly, record everything he experienced on the road. That’s how Redtiger began to take shape. 

Over the years, Jonny becomes a father of two kids, during which time he has come to view dash cam in a new light. He was demanding even more about safety and accuracy from Redtiger dash cams, refining them in every possible way so that they can truly help improve road safety. As the founder and also, a father, Don wants to bring this very kind of reassurance that Redtiger has brought him, whether being alone on the road or driving with his family, to many more people all over the world.

Having more than a decade’s solid experience and non-stop innovation in this field, we promise that Redtiger will still strive to stay at the forefront of technology but also at your back all the time.