Wifi ExtraBoost Review: Is the Wifi Booster Device Worth it?


Slow internet speed can be one of the most aggravating aspects of your day. It slows you down and lowers your overall productivity. If your internet connection becomes slow, you could be waiting for hours to download a large file or watch a video. Due to poor wifi signals, you may miss virtual meetings or connect very late. However, by investing in a simple device to improve internet connectivity, you can avoid all of these negative experiences. With a wifi booster, you can avoid slow internet speeds and browse without worrying about dead zones in your home or office. Wifi ExtraBoost is a wifi signal booster that is designed to extend the range and strength of your wifi signal. With the increasing reliance on internet-connected devices for work, entertainment, and communication, having a strong and reliable wifi signal is more important than ever. In this article, we will review Wifi ExtraBoost, looking at its features, benefits, and potential drawbacks.

Let’s dive in and check if it’s worth your investment.


What is WiFi ExtraBoost?

Wifi Extra Boost is a simple device that boosts the signal strength of your WiFi network. The device is small and portable, but it is extremely effective. It enhances your internet experience by ensuring that your router sends a strong signal.

Wifi Extra Boost captures wireless router signals and amplifies them to reach every corner of your home. Aside from distributing connectivity throughout your home, it allows users to connect multiple devices to their router without experiencing slow speeds. Remember, we’re not talking about bandwidth enhancement, but rather connection enhancement. There are limitations to what you can do if you only have a limited bandwidth. However, if you pay for a higher bandwidth but still have slow speeds, your WiFi Extra Boost comes in handy.

Another important feature is that this device is simple to use and does not necessitate the use of any special tools or gadgets. Once plugged in, it works with your router to boost your speed wherever you are in the house. You can also connect multiple devices to your WiFi network without concern. It works with all laptops, tablets, smartphones, and WiFi routers.

Features of Wifi ExtraBoost

Improves Wifi Signal

WiFi ExtraBoost boosts the speed, strength, and reliability of your WiFi signal. You can connect to your network from any location in the house and enjoy the same internet speed. You no longer need to readjust or reposition your router. Also, You can now watch your favourite shows without interruptions.

Eliminates Dead Zones

There are certain areas or corners of your home where you will never be able to use your internet-connected devices. Because your wifi cannot reach these areas, they are referred to as “dead zones.” However, with a little assistance from the Wifi Extra Boost, dead zones come to life. From there, you can connect to the internet.

Improves uploads and download speed

This device improves your internet experience by speeding up your connection. It allows you to upload or download files and movies more quickly. You can no longer experience buffering while watching your favourite videos or live streaming.

Easy Installation

Anyone can purchase and use this device right away. It does not necessitate any special skills or tools to install. All you have to do is plug it into a power outlet to get started.

Affordable and cost-saving

WiFi Extra Boost is very affordable. It doesn’t cut deep into your budget, but it performs beyond expectations. Also, it saves you the cost of higher bandwidth due to slow internet speed.

Specification – Wifi ExtraBoost Review

Its specifications include:

  • Wireless speed up to 300Mbps
  • Dual external antennas for better coverage and performance
  • Supports WPA/WPA2, WEP, and WPS security protocols
  • Compatible with 802.11n/g/b devices
  • Easy setup and installation with no additional software required
  • Works with any standard wifi router or gateway
  • Compact and portable design for convenient use and storage

How Does Wifi ExtraBoost Work?

Wifi Extra Booster is a device that improves the performance of your WiFi connection. When you plug the device into a power outlet and connect it to your router, it will immediately begin working. The device will first receive signals from your WiFi network, amplify them, and distribute them to every corner of your home.

That way, you can browse with a faster and stronger signal.

Wifi ExtraBoost review

So Do You Really Need Wifi Booster for Your Home?

If you are facing Wi-Fi connectivity and signal problem, then I think you should use this Wi-Fi ExtraBoost device for your home. Like you have a high-speed internet plan for your home, and you get the best speed near the Wi-Fi router, but when you go a bit far from the router, your connection gets lost, or you cannot stream any video.

To solve this kind of problem you should use this device. This Wi-Fi booster can increase the Wi-Fi coverage area and provide good internet speed with every corner of your house. And I think you better get this device before planning to change your Wi-Fi package again.

The regular Wi-Fi router signal decrease if it faces any physical obstacle, but this device overcome all difficulties and reach every corner of your place. Even with a slow internet package, you can get the best Wi-Fi speed at your internet devices. So, it better if you get this device to get the best experience of your Wi-Fi speed.

Wifi ExtraBoost Wifi Booster Pricing

WiFi ExtraBooster costs $59 and is shipped worldwide by the manufacturer. The good news is that if you buy more than one unit of the device, you can get amazing discounts and price cuts.

But we recommend that you buy it from the official website to ensure quality and better price deals.

How and Where To Buy Wifi Extra Boost?

WiFi ExtraBoost is only available online and can be found on the official website. Buying directly from the official store ensures that you get the combination of the best price and quality.

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The WiFi ExtraBoost is a must-have if you want to enjoy uninterrupted internet browsing and video streaming. It’s also a necessary boost to your productivity since it fastens your downloads and uploads.

Instead of wasting a full day waiting for your files to upload or drop, you can cut the time to the barest seconds with this device.

The only downside is that you can only get it directly from the manufacturers online, which is the best place to get it to ensure because you are getting the original version.