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CoolEdge Review: Revolutionary Portable AC Helps You Stay Extra Cool This Summer

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This year’s summer will be long, hot, and uncomfortable. During the summer, regardless of where you live, the inside temperature of your home or office can become unbearable. Traditional air conditioning systems are harmful to our health! Window air conditioners are expensive to install and even more expensive to operate. They take up far too much space and make far too much noise. Wall air conditioners are as expensive as window air conditioners, require you to dig a hole in your house’s wall to install them, are ineffective in humid and extremely hot climates, and must be serviced on a regular basis. Portable AC, Cooldge portable air cooler

But what if there’s another option? Say goodbye to sweltering summer temperatures with CoolEdge.

Introducing CoolEdge: The Revolutionary Portable AC

This miraculous cooling device is flying off the shelves and quickly becoming a best seller. It is ideal for those extremely hot and humid days and nights! Let’s look at why…

CoolEdge is the next generation of air conditioning units! It quickly cools, moisturises, and cleans your room’s warm air, creating a breeze of fresh, cool, and clean air! Because of its compact and portable design, it can be used in the office, at home, in the garage, or even in your car! All you have to do is fill the device with cool water, plug it in, and turn it on! It requires no installation or maintenance and is extremely quiet. This is a huge benefit when working or sleeping! CoolEdge is truly an investment because it can be used all year.

Polluted and dry air can irritate the eyes, cause a sore throat, and aggravate asthma and allergies. Breathing clean and fresh air is essential all year, especially for babies, children, and the elderly. It uses no chemicals and uses very little energy thanks to a groundbreaking water-based technology. This Portable AC allows you to reduce your monthly expenses and save money.

Make Your Place Cool and Comfortable with CoolEdge Portable Air Cooler

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SAVES A LOT OF POWER – This innovative device uses very little power and thus saves you money on your electricity bills. It only consumes 10 watts of power.

PORTABLE AND EASY TO MOVE – It is very small, so you can move it around your house as you please. You can also take it on vacation, use it outside in nature, or even use it inside your car.

EASY TO MAINTAIN – It is simple to maintain because it employs a simple mechanism. It just needs water to work so it is eco friendly.

KEEPS YOU COOL SAFELY – The air chilled by the CoolEdge is mild and provides welcome relief from the summer heat by humidifying the arid air. Synthetic refrigerants used in air conditioners, on the other hand, can serve temperatures far below average, which is not suitable for you.

EFFECTIVE COOLING – It can quickly and easily cool a room up to 20 square metres. The Portable Air Cooler has a 500ml water tank that provides enough cooling for 8 hours without needing to be refilled.

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What makes it so unique?

CoolEdge is a smart device that uses water evaporation to cool air in the same way that nature does. This technology was created by two engineers who were tired of standard AC units and wanted a versatile device that could be used in a variety of ways. They were also concerned about air pollution, so they created CoolEdge, an all-in-one portable air cooler that cools, purifies, and moistens the air around you. The air is cleaned, fresh, and free of dust, pollen, and debris after passing through the reusable and washable filters.

When reading reviews, there are several features that stand out as the reasons why thousands of users give this portable AC a 5-star rating:

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Advantages of CoolEdge

Convenience – It doesn’t take up much space; you can keep it anywhere and bring it with you wherever you go.

Ideal for Sleep – CoolEdge has ensured that it operates quietly. It is ideal for a child’s room because it will not disturb their sleep. To top it all off, the led light works well as a nightlight.

Eco-Friendly and Chemical Free – Portable Air Cooler mimics nature by employing the same principle and power of water evaporation without the use of any harmful or damaging chemicals.

Highly Adjustable – CoolEdge’s three adjustable wind settings allow you to work comfortably or sleep soundly at night.

An All-In-One Device – It can also function as a humidifier, purifying the air around you. This is for you if you have problems because of impurities in the air! Extra tip: Add a few drops of your favourite essential oil to the water part and it doubles as an oil diffuser!

Easy to Use – All you need to do is fill the water tank , plug it and press the start button. It will cool your personal space in minutes

CoolEdge also recycles indoor air through the process of cross-ventilation. Air conditioners, on the other hand, only salvage the ambient air, which may increase the number of pollutants present in an indoor environment. It saves energy and is inexpensive to own and maintain. It is also used in dust filters to remove dust and rubble from incoming air. CoolEdge’s filter is washable and reusable. The fan has three speeds and uses Rapid Cooling Technology, which instantly cools the air when you turn on the device. Furthermore, it is extremely quiet, allowing you to use it while sleeping.

How much does CoolEdge cost?

It is estimated to cost between $150 and $200. The average Portable AC guess was $200. Amazingly, the highly-rated CoolEdge is only $79… (with a 50% discount at the time of writing)!
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It’s a fantastic deal, as finding value in this market is difficult. So, CoolEdge is ideal for those who want all of the latest features from a reputable brand. It provides more than you would expect from more expensive brands while being far less expensive. It is also extremely simple to use.

These Customers Already are using CoolEdge, and Love it!

“Great Value for Money It Does What Its Supposed to…” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“This portable air cooler is exactly what I needed.” I am extremely pleased with my purchase. It’s an ideal small humidifier/fan/purifier. Despite its small size and low noise level, it has a significant impact. I’ve been using it all day and really enjoying it. “I would definitely buy another one for a friend.”

“Cool Breeze on the Hot Summer Days…” ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

“Buying this product during this scorching summer was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.” It was probably my best buy because I prefer to sleep cold, so having it on my bedside table serves my purpose. Portable AC is both affordable and efficient. Turned our to be the most effective method for me. “Thank you very much!”

TIP: The discount means the CoolEdge is selling out rapidly right now. We highly recommend placing your order fast, before the discount ends!

Secure Your CoolEdge Now, Before This Promotion Ends…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ(

What is a CoolEdge air cooler?

CoolEdge air cooler is a device that cools the surrounding air through the process of evaporative cooling. It works by drawing in hot air from the surrounding environment and passing it through a wet cooling pad, which then cools the air through evaporation and circulates the cooled air back into the room.

How does a CoolEdge air cooler work?

CoolEdge air cooler works on the principle of evaporative cooling. The air cooler draws in hot and dry air from the surrounding environment and passes it through a wet cooling pad. As the hot air passes through the cooling pad, the water present in the pad evaporates and cools the air. The cooled air is then circulated back into the room.

What is the difference between an air conditioner and an air cooler?

The main difference between an air conditioner and an air cooler is the method of cooling. Air conditioners use refrigerants and compressors to cool the air, while air coolers use the process of evaporative cooling. Air conditioners are generally more effective in cooling large spaces and can also dehumidify the air, while air coolers are more suitable for small to medium-sized spaces and require a constant supply of water.

Can I use a CoolEdge air cooler in a humid environment?

CoolEdge air coolers are designed to work best in dry and arid environments. In a humid environment, the cooling efficiency of the air cooler may be reduced as the air already contains a high level of moisture. However, some models of air coolers come with a humidity control feature, which can be adjusted to suit the local humidity levels.

How often do I need to clean the cooling pads of my CoolEdge air cooler?

It is recommended to clean the cooling pads of your CoolEdge air cooler at least once a month. If the air cooler is used frequently or in a dusty environment, then the cleaning frequency may need to be increased. Regular cleaning of the cooling pads ensures the efficient operation of the air cooler and prevents the buildup of bacteria and other contaminants.

Can I use a CoolEdge air cooler in a closed room?

CoolEdge air coolers are designed to work best in open or semi-open environments, where there is adequate ventilation. Using an air cooler in a closed room may result in an increase in humidity levels and reduce the cooling efficiency of the device. It is recommended to use an air cooler in a well-ventilated space, such as a living room, bedroom, or outdoor area.

What is the power consumption of a CoolEdge air cooler?

The power consumption of a CoolEdge air cooler depends on the model and the cooling capacity of the device. Generally, air coolers are more energy-efficient than air conditioners and consume less power. Most models of CoolEdge air coolers have a power rating between 100-250 watts, which is significantly lower than that of an air conditioner.

Can I use a CoolEdge air cooler as a humidifier?

CoolEdge air coolers can help to increase the humidity levels in a dry environment, but they are not designed to function as a humidifier. The primary function of an air cooler is to cool the surrounding air through the process of evaporative cooling, while a humidifier adds moisture to the air. However, some models of air coolers come with a humidity control feature, which can help to adjust the humidity levels in the surrounding environment.

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